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Although Exchange is the system that provides the foundation of these services, you don't use it directly. The primary tools for accessing Exchange are Outlook, Outlook on the Web (OWA), and various programs that are already installed on mobile clients (e.g. iOS and Android native email and calendar clients). Learning how these programs work can be a bit intimidating at first. We've provided a few training resources to help you on your journey.

Self paced video training courses from

Available beginning at our Lynda landing page (for current UVM Employees):

These courses cover Outlook for Mac and PC, Outlook's web version (OWA), and many other helpful topics including tips, tricks and management techniques. There are many, many hours of material available for your use, but each lesson can be viewed in any order, at your own pace, and only as needed to help you learn just what you need.

Short video primer from UVM's ETS group

This is a very brief (25 minutes) tutorial for Outlook on the Web at UVM. We recommend viewing it in full screen mode (click to start, then select the bottom right most icon in the player).

How-To Articles from UVM's Tech Team

Microsoft Guides

Manage another person's mail and calendar items

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